Gustavo street food

Warm up Your day, have some polenta!

Gustavo street food is the meeting between passion for quality and tradition of Italian cuisine.
These two elements combine the culture of street food, creating the unique taste of Gustavo's polenta.

A unique product on a unique cart

Gustavo provides dishes cooked directly on site with natural ingredients to keep freshness and quality unaltered. Our cart is an expression of history and culture: it is unique and brings to you the old and good Italian taste.

La Polenta

A hot and tasty dish for a delicious snack

With a yellow gold appearance, Polenta is basically cornmeal that is boiled and cooked into a copper pot, to enjoy by itself or serve in a wide range of styles. It is vegan and low-fat!

Dishes offered by Gustavo include its amazing Polenta with the addition of sausage, melted cheese, eggs and tomato sauce…your taste buds will crave for more!


When polenta was s just a raw material, it took part in the most historical trip. Corn become witness of a new land! This unknown cereal boarded the caravels of Columbus and accompanied him on the return journey to Europe. It then met Italians who did recognized its real potential: our millenary culinary history helped to turn corn into flour and later Polenta which immediately won a very special place in the tables of north and centre Italy, giving a new taste to tradition.


Gustavo Food

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